Welcome to Kosmorganica

Have you ever walked out of a music concert, an art installation, or a participatory performance and left in awe and feeling better? Why do some art experiences make us feel balanced and reinvigorated? This question sparked my curiosity about contemporary art practices that can heal the mind and spirit as art has served for thousands of years. Discover Kosmorganica takes visitors on a journey through the history and philosophy of recent art practices described as ambient, sensory, metaphysical, and immersive, that I call Kosmorganic aesthetics. Phenomenological or direct perceptual experiential art that heightens consciousness may be the key that helps us cope in a world of climate change, digital information overload, urbanism, weapons of mass destruction, and attention deficit. Discover how these art practices encourage visitors to connect with their internal intelligence of presence, higher states of consciousness, and contemplation. This website is for those who are curious about an in-depth understanding of sensory art experiences. Learn how Kosmorganic art brings calm, peace, and connection to isolated bodies drowning in front of their screens. After visiting this website, when you venture outdoors, seek a Kosmorganic experience to ground your body, mind, and spirit.

Welcome to Kosmorganica
a 3-way journey

Kosmorganic aesthetics in 3 ways

Discover Kosmorganica

A website with Kosmorganic art video examples with historical background information

The Frequency Bathing
An outdoor Kosmorganic experience of pattern, light, and sound that illustrates Kosmorganic art

The Kosmorganic Wave
A manifesto on Kosmorganic aesthetics located in the Practical information section of the website

Discover Kosmorganica, the website

The website, Discover Kosmorganica is an introduction to different historical aesthetic roots of Kosmorganic art practices with examples. In the Destination section, visitors can watch examples of Kosmorganic art and listen to artists speak of their work that encompasses aspects of Kosmorganic aesthetics. The Explore section includes ways to identify Kosmorganic art [ k-factor ] and historical snapshots of Kosmorganic aesthetic elements. The Practical information section includes a glossary of terms, and a manifesto, ‘The Kosmorganic Wave’ on Kosmorganic aesthetics.

The Kosmorganic Wave, an art manifesto on Kosmorganic aesthetics

The Kosmorganic Wave is a manifesto on Kosmorganic art practices. It is derived from theoretical research on contemporary art forms that emphasize perceptual non-narrative work that has healing and spiritual potential. This text describes how these art practices correlate with the digital age paired with climate change, space exploration, and mass migration. The manifesto is written for an educated audience with some knowledge of the arts. Art history or an art aesthetics background is helpful but not required. It can be read online in the Practical information section and downloaded as a pdf.

Bobolink Frequency Bathing Artwalk, an example of Kosmorganic art

The Frequency Bathing Artwalk illustrates a Kosmorganic experience since one must live Kosmorganic art to truly understand it. Its description can be found under Special Tours. The art walk is available from April 13-30, 2021. This is a Kosmorganic design that can be easily replicated and implemented during COVID-19 restrictions.

Navigation tips at a glance

Like all websites, Discover Kosmorganica is non-linear, although here are suggestions to guide visitors.

  • Be open.  When going through the site, experience it as if you were traveling to an exotic destination. Take a vacation from the likes/dislikes to get the most out of your journey, as if tasting new food or visiting cultural destinations for the first time.
  • Get into the groove. Begin with Destinations and watch videos exemplary of Kosmorganic aesthetics and practice. Then head over to Practical information and glance at the introduction and phrasebook.
  • Read next the art manifesto, ‘Kosmorganic Wave‘ located in the Practical information section. This is a 25-page theoretical essay written for an educated audience and can be dense. However, you do not need to be an art historian nor expert in art aesthetics to understand it. Also, I offer historical snapshots and footnotes to elaborate more on the essay. A bibliography is provided in the Practical section for those craving more to explore.
  • Slow traveling is the way to move about the site. Be present with the media since there is no deadline, and you can return to the site at any time.

by Ph.D. candidate Angie Eng