Kosmorganica is a magical place where the rational and esoteric intersect. Interconnectedness,  harmony, and pattern drive its creative and serene atmosphere. Discover how the parts came together over thousands of years.


Imagine the world where the extinction rate of planetary species is ten-fold its natural rate. In this world, over four billion people live in cities and one out of thirty people resettle to another country from their birthplace.  ‘No religion’ has reached all-time level highs. Schools have eliminated their arts and humanities programs. Children spend an average of 8 hours in virtual space rather than the physical environment. The richest company in the world is in the business of space exploration.   We don’t need to imagine too hard since this describes our world today. Kosmorganic philosophy explains that critical circumstances are part of a cycle in which humans will cope, persist, and even come out thriving. Kosmorganic aesthetics coincide with the big four: climate change, globality, an over-saturated digital lifestyle, and conceptualizing life beyond planet Earth. In this section, you can explore the roots of common Kosmorganic elements including cosmograms, harmony, and the drone sound.