Kosmorganica at a Glance

Here’s a list of Kosmorganica trivia to kick-start you on your adventures!

1 Seeds were planted in the 18th century and its roots were secured by the end of the 1960’s. ‘Kosmorganica aesthetics’ is a recent title, and given its official name in 2021.

2 Kosmorganic aesthetics have been largely ignored by most modern historians and art critics due to Kosmorganica’s strong connection with the metaphysical and healing components.

3 Kosmorganica is rife with artists, musicians, architects, designers, and esoteric visionaries

4 The first moon landing, globality, mass communication, and climate change paved the way for the Kosmorganica movement.

5 The K-5 are : ecosophic, harmonic, mystical, sensorial, and immersive

6 Kosmorganic aesthetics draw from ancient Egypt, Neopythagoreanism, Judeo-Christian mysticism, organicism, Taoism, Buddhism, and Vedism

7 Its territory spans all seven continents

8 Kosmorganica draws from are eight main cultural areas: Ambient, Land art, ritual performance, Sound art, immersive installation, experimental architecture, Expanded media, and Light art.

9 Their key to happiness is a balance between internal and external intelligence.