Frequency Bathing Artwalk

If you undertake a walk, you are echoing the whole history of mankind.
-Richard long


  • Self-guided
  • Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours [ 52 minutes one way and ~ 25-30 minutes return ]
  • Location: Bobolink Trailhead
    5880 Baseline Rd, Boulder, CO 80303
  • Open: April 13-30 2021
  • Cost: Free
  • What to bring: Smartphone, headphones, downloaded audio file, viewfinder paddle
  • Travel tips: Go solo, no pets, and take your time at a strolling pace or a slower walking pace (2mph instead of the normal 3mph). The first resting point located on the left-side of the path with a vowel sound of ‘uhh’ and is ~8 minutes from the start of the recording. Avoid weekends. Best time to go sunrise or sunset. Tree stumps are either to the left or right of the gravel path. Dress warmly. Download the map and read the brochure prior to departure. Check the weather before you go. Concentrate on the sounds more than looking for the resting points marked by the tree stumps.
  • Download map

About the Artwalk

As you stroll along the Bobolink path, you will be guided by ambient drone-based music. These are no ordinary sounds, but a healing soundtrack that follows the vocalization chart [ figure 1 ] of sound healer, Jonathan Goldman. These vowel sound vocalizations correspond to energetic regions of your body and mental states called chakras. By listening to these sounds, one is ‘tuning’ their frequencies to their natural state. The art walk begins with the root chakra and up toward the crown chakra. See the chakra chart below.

Seven pauses along the path are designated by tree stumps. [ figure 2 ] Little flags indicate the stump is nearby. [ figure 3 ]You are advised to stand nearby or sit on these stumps for three minutes of the duration of the vowel vocalizations which begin with the root chakra or the vocalization of ‘uh’. During these pauses with your viewfinder paddle, you can observe the complex patterns and rhythms found in nature from plant growth, the flow of the creek, the Rocky Mountain range, the vast open sky, cloud formations, reflections on the water, animal grazing, and maybe a red-tailed hawk in flight. It is advised to select a pattern in nature and rest on it for more than thirty seconds rather than quickly scan through the viewfinder. As you focus on patterns, naturally the brain synchronizes the drone sounds with the patterns and rhythms in nature. This is especially effective with the water flow, cloud movement, and wind formation on plant growth.

The colors of the viewfinder paddles correspond to the visitor’s month of birth. By concentrating on sounds, specific shapes, and colors one attunes body and mind to the natural rhythm of the universe. For more information on harmonic attunement see Frequency bathing and harmonic attunement.

The art walk was designed by Angie Eng with the music soundtrack by minimal composer Rhys Chatham.

The above chakra (energetic body regions) color wheel chart shows regions and their corresponding colors, vocalizations, astrological emotional characteristics linked to body regions when harmonized. This chart is a variation from tantric yoga tradition and the adopted Western chakra chart. In disharmony weaknesses in those regions occur. If one is middle-aged, their rising sign becomes more dominant and may alter these generalizations. This color wheel does not correspond to the frequency vibration assigned to each astrological sign, but to the chakra frequency. [ figure 4 ] The vowel vocalizations are based upon the chart of sound healer, Jonathan Goldman which in turn is very similar to the chart/vowel sounds of the late head of the European Sufi order, Pir Vilayat Khan. In actual sound healing, Cymatics, sound healer Hans Jenny injected frequencies with a tonoscope that corresponded with one’s weak organ/region of the body. [1] For aesthetic reasons, the drone music rests at a frequency of 440hz or close to the frequency vocalization of the 6th, third eye chakra. [ see chart below for corresponding chakras and their personality strength, body region, colors, tones, and notes.]

Artwalk Map

Hover over tree stump to hear sound and see sample pattern.
Representation of placement of log does not correspond to location of chakra. See above chart for alignment of chakra region.

Voice by Rhys Chatham

[1]Jenny, H. (2007). Cymatics: A study of wave phenomena and vibration. Epping, New Hampshire: MACROmedia.63.