Welcome to Kosmorgania


Unlike progressive model nations, such as Norway with 9.87 out of 10 DI (Democracy Index),  Bhutan with the highest GNH (Growth National Happiness), Iceland ranked top of the GPI (Global Peace Index), Kosmorganica is number one in a GTF (Global Transformation Factor). But do not come here expecting revolutionaries. Locals are not overtly overthrowing modern political systems such as authoritarianism, monarchy, and democracy. They prefer decentralized governance and privilege a supranatural system independent of the concept of the nation-state.  But unlike present supranatural systems, such as the European Union or the United Nations, their motives are philosophical, spiritual, and galactic in scope. Political engagement is not in the form of protest nor overt literal narratives in their daily activity. Their act of creating in the environment may be subtle but may prove to be more effective at advocating for a beautiful world.